04 November, 2014

Time is sucking me out.

Hola, Its 4th November

Its 12 o'clock. I am just ended the Operation Management test for today. It s just the two hours test which will requires me to choose  3 out of 5 questions. A simple questions that very simply and make you Rrrrggg.  A lot of works need to be done. Assignments, quizzes, case study, presentation and etc.
I am looking forward to all of this since its a must. Wow, that a reliefs because I am once think that someday I will give up. However, a long journey that lie ahead make me think twice. If I being a witch, I want to stop the time. I want to live in a world that has a greener grass and green animal plus with color of flowers and the color of sea. Wow, such a wonderful world living with the nature. 

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