11 November, 2014

Silent world

Today, my world become more quiet. It is because of the pain. I have already said it. No need to make a redundant post. Right. Sometimes, this quiet world offers me a lesson. A lesson to be more grateful human being. Just imagine living with fears. This is better to live in quiet world. 

When the phone rings. I am still able to say hello. If i woke up, and my phone ring, I put it to my ear without saying hello. I am able to recite Al-Quran. Please give me a strength to get through this. How can it be possible. The road is mute. The people is mute. A quiet world. Living in hearing loss. I am just guessing what the people conversation is all about. The real is I could not clearly hear it. I am just smiling and respond to it. To make myself better even better. In dept, it is such a quiet world. The world is quiet here, I am pointing at me. myself and I. Keep calm because the world has power to bring the smile back. There is something to ponder. But I don't know what is that. And what is what. Just keep going, because I don't know how much time is given to me to keep faith and belief.

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