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Notes to Risk in IT Security

Todays, I would like to share some notes regarding to risk in information technology. Here, there are three principles of security which are integrity, availability and confidentiality. I want to highlight 3 type of risk.

1. Cloud computing
What is cloud computing? So, let me explain based on my understanding. Cloud computing is where the data is being store. The data such as contact number, important document can be store in this cloud system. For example, Icloud in Iphone. It allows the users to store all types of information in there. In fact, when the phone is being format, the users can retrieved their information back from the icloud.

2. Phishing
People who doing phishing is very intelligent. This is because they able to manipulate a website to look similar with the original website. The website look the same, however it is actually fraud. The website created will link you to the other unknown page which contain malware.

3. Search engine manipulation
Search engine manipulation h…

Operations Management Final Present

Assalamualaikum dan selamat malam.
Esok final presentation group projek kami. Tajuk dia pasal layout. Mintak - mintak semuanya berjalan lancar. Dalam kelas kami ni ada budak Jerman. Exchange student. Kadang - kadang, pensyarah bias dengan kami sebab dieorang. Bukan bias dengan semua budak kelas, tapi bias dengan group aku je. Takleh blah kan. 
Keesokan harinya. Group aku present nombor 5 dan group yang paling last. Dalam kelas kami ada 5 group, dan 2 group daripada itu adalah group exchange student tu. Kami punyer projek paper memang ok la sebab kami dah buat deep review untuk recommendation layout company tu. Dan cadangan kami adalah, company tu pindahkan sebahagian operasi ke tingkat atas. Ade ke patut dia question, mesin tu xberat ke nak alihkan ke tingkat atas? Kamu kena consult dengan engineer syarikat tu. Hey, come on la. Munasabah tak suruh kami consult dengan engineer tu. Ini cuma projek paper lah. Kami cuma cadangkan apa yang syarikat tu perlu buat. Pasal macam mana nak alin…

Love this song

Perfect by Simple Plan. watch here
Hey dad look at me. Think back and talk to me. Did I grow up according to plan? And do you think I'm wasting my time doing things I wanna do? But it hurts when you disapprove all along
And now I try hard to make it I just wanna make you proud I'm never gonna be good enough for you. Can't pretend that I'm alright And you can't change me
'Cause we lost it all Nothing lasts forever I'm sorry I can't be perfect Now it's just too late and We can't go back I'm sorry I can't be perfect
I try not to think About the pain I feel inside Did you know you used to be my hero? All the days you spent with me Now seem so far away And it feels like you don't care anymore
And now I try hard to make it I just wanna make you proud I'm never gonna be good enough for you I can't stand another fight And nothing's alright

'Cause we lost it all Nothing lasts foreve…

Hebat perangai manusia

Bagusnya permainan dia. Nak tutup salah sendiri, sanggup aniayai orang. Apa salahnya mintak maaf sepatah. Susah sangat ke nak mintak maaf. Kaunter bas shah alam, yang jual tiket ke pantai timur, bas warna merah DNaim. Memang teruk servis kaunter dia. Orang yang kerja kat situ memang tak reti nak hargai pelanggan. Walaupun dah terang bersuluh salah dia, ego taknak mintak maaf. Buat muka tak reti. Malah salahkan customer dia pulak. Memang lepas ni soryla aku takkan naik bas tu lagi. Never. Forever. Tak bertanggungjawab. Lepas tangan. Mentang-mentang aku student, buat macam tu la. Kalau orang besar duduk tempat aku, memang tunduk, angguk-angguk lah semua. Orang besar kan.

Semalam, 3/12 pukul 2.45 petang, aku beli tiket di kaunter bas DN nie. Masa tu ada makcik dan budak yang tengah belajar. Hujan lebat time tu. Aku dah cakap nak balik malam 4/12. Dan makcik tu confirmkan lagi esok malam kan. Aku cakap lagi 4 haribulan malam. Makcik tu print tiket dan aku bayar duit terus berlalu ke keret…

Its December

Assalamualaikum, its december. And yet, many assignment is reaching their due date. A bundles of task need to be done. A lot of money need to be spent for the monthly expenses. And seriously, I am homesick. The last October, when Eid Adha once I felt at home. It has been almost 2 months and the moment gone. Two month I left home, once I returned I felt like everything is unusual and it is not the same. My father getting old. My mother looking more tired. My younger sisters keep growing. Everything seems changed. I wish I could turn back the time when there is only happiness fill in the room. I will let go the painful memories. And remained the happy time we spent together. From depth of my heart, the love for them never changed and I am happy to be part of them. The time we ate together, the time we joking together, the time we being together, the time we crying together. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah s.w.t..