16 May, 2015

Happy Teachers Days

Assalamualaikum and hi, todays is 16 May 2015. Again, its a day for teacher celebration. Happy Teacher Days to those who works in teaching profession.To all teachers in the world, Happy teachers days. Hope this year will be a year with excitement, joy and barakah. Do teach us well. Love you alls.


08 May, 2015

How much calories zumba can burn?

How to know the calories burned by doing Zumba? It is very easy. Just follow this little steps.

1. Please select your zumba level. It is in Low, Medium or High level.

To select the appropriate Zumba Fitness work out intensity:
  • Low: You could sing while doing your Zumba Fitness workout
  • Mid: You could talk while doing your Zumba Fitness workout
  • High: You are out of breath and could not talk while doing your Zumba Fitness workout
2. Please enter your weight and your zumba workout time. See the picture below for the purpose of illustration.

3. Click calculate. The calories burn is shown. For the real asses to the zumba calories calculator. Click here http://caloriesburnedhq.com/zumba-calories-burned/

Thanks. Happy zumba to all zumbarians. :D
Source: CaloriesburnedHQ.