27 September, 2012

Reading a book of the author from U.S make me sick because the level of english they got is very high. Even the price itself is likely tend to be higher enough to make my money burn. As usually. Just imagine it cost about RM70 above for a piece of textbook.

RM70 for a book! Its for two weeks meals okay. Since i am the good student, I will buy it. - -'

Hey, book priced RM70, nice to meet you. I am your new owner. In my university, there are places where we will be the owner of the book. Guess it. It is at BOOK GARDEN.

Its a place where the book meet owner. Awesome. I just think when will we be the author of the book of references for university student instead of the foreign author. It is Malaysian author. How proud of that.

Nowdays, there a lot of institute has been established like a raising marshmallow. Then, where is the senior who has graduated. Can they produce a book title them, not only the novel about love but also the textbook for IPTA level.

last draft from me before dawn. NIGHT.
My ugly cery who cost, FREE 

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