17 May, 2012


SIFE...... when i heard about it, ahh, i just igonore it. Its something that awful. That is my first impression about SIFE.

Then, suddently. My name have been selected to be sifer. What is this? Nahh, meeting.. still plays on my mind.
Human who love to know include me. Google for sife. Wow, it is worlwide. Awesome,many abroad university joined sife. Even they have their own world cup.

Sife is stand for student in free interprise. A heart ofr business, a heart for the world. It is non-profit organization across the nation that involving student.

About Sife (http://www.sife.org/aboutsife/Pages/AboutSIFE.aspx)
SIFE brings together a diverse network of university students, academic professionals and industry leaders around the shared mission of creating a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business. By contributing their talents to projects that improve the lives of people worldwide, SIFE participants are demonstrating that individuals with a knowledge and passion for business can be a powerful force for change.

At a while, I impressed with sife. They create a good opportunities for young ages and teenagers to become a future leader by helping others in charity activity. Its sound cool. Never heard about it before, make me proud of become one of the sifer member.

Since it has already exist in my university why dont I just joined it. It definitely benefit me. A lot i think.
The lecterur who incharged for sife, play a montaj about sife world cup. I am speechless. Seeing the montaj that full with colorful skin people plus their high spirit. Will I be a sifer that create more sustainable world in the future, who know. Its anyone luck.

p/s: good luck to all sifer, sincerely from freshie

wrote by: seredupmaya

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