17 May, 2012


What about love. People always concern about love matter. Are they the lover?
Weirdo, it’s a feeling that plays on my mind. 

I never have the feeling of love. Liar, okay I am. First time I got love, it is in the young age on secondary school. Dealing with love makes me sick. Dating in class, every people have their eyes on me. I am a prefect at the time. Shame, of course I am. It’s ruined my image as leader. 

Am I suckering? Not at all. There are some people who kindly ever love me. But I am hopeless. Don’t want love to influence me. I leave the love behind me. I try running away from it. Never let it for the second time. Don’t want to let others suffer because of me. 

I am nobody who posses with love. Happy thing when my friend got their partner. I always wish for their best in hereafter with their soul mate. They dream to have wedding of the year, grandly at hotel. Go ahead. I will support you whenever you see me there. 

I will always be watching your from a corner because you always in my heart.

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