17 May, 2012


Hey,its been a while since this great feeling come. Why? because I fell that i am in the best moment. All the half work in this semester have already done. And the test,presentation for certain subject,I just finished it already.

Final is just around the corner. Its about 3 weeks after break. This semester I got engaged in many events that has been organized by universitie and classmate. A lot of things I learned, many sweet memories came along with hatred and happy.

Its look like there will be the end of it. Someone want to grab the opportunities to do a business. People in charged for the business is still considering.

 I have been asked to attend for a meeting regard to PD subject. Obviously, it kinda of nerd. People around the table always keep pretending calm although they not.

Its a little bit different for this moment where I am truly become myself. How? Just be yourself. No synchronize for being Hippocratic. Some people sometime rely on my shoulder. I accept it with heartily because I always care about others sake.

I am the person who 'suffer in silent'. No need to show my weakness because I want to get rid of it slowly. Mentioning it will make me down. Not economic downtown but self down. Positive thinking make me able to survive in the though path.

p/s: Be fresh to your life, because life is beautiful 

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