11 December, 2014

Notes to Risk in IT Security

Todays, I would like to share some notes regarding to risk in information technology. Here, there are three principles of security which are integrity, availability and confidentiality. I want to highlight 3 type of risk.

1. Cloud computing
What is cloud computing? So, let me explain based on my understanding. Cloud computing is where the data is being store. The data such as contact number, important document can be store in this cloud system. For example, Icloud in Iphone. It allows the users to store all types of information in there. In fact, when the phone is being format, the users can retrieved their information back from the icloud.

2. Phishing
People who doing phishing is very intelligent. This is because they able to manipulate a website to look similar with the original website. The website look the same, however it is actually fraud. The website created will link you to the other unknown page which contain malware.

3. Search engine manipulation
Search engine manipulation happen when the hacker can easily make the fake website as top 10 list in the search result. Unfortunately, the fake website contain virus. So, it is an advise to scroll down up to 5 search result. Not only focus on the top search result.

Some advise from me. Do not use the same url to open a new website. Please do step by step to open a new page. For example, type new search keyword. Do not simply use the same url. Because the hacker can manipulated your information and data. Beware.

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