10 June, 2012

Shot a star.

Sometime people makes me angry.
When it comes to the important situation such as assignments.
We want to make it perfect but there is someone who play a win win situation.
Without realize their mistake and keep acted cool in front of us.
Become annoying like annoying Orange.
Do not join for practices and do not accept others opinion but try to give a reason to blame others.
Are this kind of people really exist?
for me yes, this kind of people really exist but only for sometimes.
I wondering....
Nobody perfect.
That i know but why not we as human try to satisfy others and ourselves regarding to the important matter.
At first, if  you don't want to give any commitment with us just GO.
Do not waste your time with us because we are expecting the best from you.

Guys, remember do not make others feel annoying with you because it is Bad. 

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