04 May, 2015

QM for window

Hello pals, do you know what is QM? QM is a sofware used by the mathematician and others in many ways. I am using QM in my statistic class during Linear Programming chapter. Besides that, QM also a software used for production, operations management, management science and operations research. It is widely used. The software has an easy menu which a lot easier for student to use it.

In addition, the software is user-friendly. Of course, the software is a standard windows application where it can be install. It has flexibility, and great user support. Currently, I am using the version of 4. If you familiar with spreadsheet, excel, or any windows software, you can use this software. Whenever you want to key-in the data, there will be clear instruction and guidelines given. It is good for the student who want to learn or use this software. 

The software can be easily download from the website or through the official QM software for window. Just Google it. Currently, I am still learning on using this software from my lecturers. Regards.

Example of question:

Objective: Maximize profit
25A + 15F
Wiring: 3A + 2F ≤ 240
Drilling: 2A + 1F ≤ 140
A, F ≥ 0

So, here I provide the linear programming results for above question.

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